We have obtained many millions of dollars for our clients over the years. Plaintiff’s personal injury cases often require a lot of hard work and creativity. Here are just a few that particularly exemplify our work. Never make assumptions about your case without calling us first.

-Co-counsel for a 2 million dollar recovery for the death of a 66 year old flight instructor caused by an improperly modified general aviation airplane by a modification company, a propeller company, and a fixed based operator.

– $1,135,000 structured settlement which paid out much more for injuries to a father and son struck by a car while riding bicycles 8 feet off the highway. The insurance company lied about the coverage only being $250,000 until our involvement in the case.

-$560,000 workers compensation and third party recovery for a man’s knee injury caused by a defectively designed stairway used by an outside vendor in a plant where plaintiff worked. We flew our company airplane to North Carolina to depose the person responsible for the design. Plaintiff recovered and moved south to get a lighter job and was happy with his recovery.

-$205,000 settlement for a slip and fall caused by a poorly designed roof on a self-storage unit in a rural county with no adopted building standards. We located the original design for a gutter and downspout system which the owners ignored and built without it.

-$205,000 settlement right before trial for soft tissue injuries from a 3 car impact with plaintiff’s vehicle in a tunnel. The case went from $60,000 to $205,000 after we took 3 video depositions of our treating physicians and successfully cross-examined the so-called independent physicians hired by the defense to discredit plaintiff.

-$175,000 workers compensation and third party settlement for soft tissue back injuries of a boilermaker who fell on an empty baked beans can on the steps of a power company with no lighting on the steps. We contended that the company didn’t like it’s own rates for electricity, and after flying to Florida to take 2 depositions of physicians, the case settled.

-300,000 total settlement for death resulting from a police chase of 2 men in a stolen car (which voids the insurance on the car). Counsel obtained policy limits of the uninsured motorist coverage on the car plaintiff was riding in, a policy her husband had on his tow truck at home, and the city for failing to have any guidelines for police pursuits. The maximum that could be recovered was $500,000 and the family thought, until our involvement, the case was a zero because of no insurance. We hired an expert on police chase cases from Tallahassee, Florida who assisted us on this matter.

-$125,000 recovery for 67 year old riding on the back of his own motorcycle operated by a friend who was 18 years old. The motorcycle struck an unrestrained dog in a rural county, the operator swerved the wrong way, and half of the road had been oiled recently by the township. We creatively filed the case in an adjacent city against the homeowners coverage of the owners of the dog who owned a house there, the motorcycle policy, and the township. The defense counsel opined that the case wasn’t worth $15,000 in the rural county where this occurred.

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