Had a few drinks after work? Could not pass up a last drink at the party? Be careful, blood-alcohol limits have been reduced and it does not take much to be considered “drunk”. While we do not advocate drunk driving, all accused have a Constitutional right to a proper defense.

Drinking and driving (DUI) also known as Driving After Imbibing (DAI) is one area of law, where    hiring an experienced attorney can have a significant impact on your case. The  Pennsylvania DAI law is very complex and confusing, even for Judges and Lawyers. Mistakes are often made by Police and Prosecutors. A knowledgeable lawyer may win a dismissal of your charges (i.e. as though it never happened) simply because the proper procedure was not followed or new case law has rendered a particular law or procedure invalid and unenforceable.

Don’t make the mistake of not hiring experienced, aggressive counsel. Your driver’s license, your freedom and possibly your livelihood may be at stake. Call us when you need a Pittsburgh DUI lawyer, an Allegheny County DUI lawyer or a Washington County DUI lawyer.