in Pennsylvania

Have you been accused of a crime? Have you been singled out without good cause? Do you feel you are being railroaded by the State with prosecution witnesses who are biased or “made a deal”?

The State always bears the burden of prosecuting your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and any problems in the State’s case can lead to reductions in sentences, better plea bargain offers from prosecutors, and even case dismissals.

Many times the police and prosecutors do not even see the problems in their case. Sometimes a dismissal can be secured simply by showing the amount of time and resources it would take to prosecute a person defended by a resourceful team such as Pecori & Pecori.

Emil Pecori Jr. started his career as a trial lawyer in the Public Defender’s Office and has 46 years experience in criminal defense work. Put this experience to work for you when you need it. We offer reasonable fees and personal service.

When you need a Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer or an Allegheny County Criminal Lawyer, call Pecori & Pecori.

Here are just a few of the cases that we have defended recently:

  • Theft
  • Firearms violations
  • Speeding/reckless driving
  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Assault
  • Probation violations